NEOPLASTIC GAVRIILOGLOU S.A. is one of the major Greek companies in the field of commerce of synthetic leather raw materials. It was founded in 1955, in Thessaloniki, by Charalampos & Anastasios Gavriiloglou. Few years later, the brothers established a store in Athens where the headquarters of the company are, ever since then.

Throughout all these years NEOPLASTIC GAVRIILOGLOU S.A. has achieved to gain a leading place in the greek market as a supplier for manufacturers of :
upholstery for furniture and boats
-  handbags, luggage and other leather articles
-  garments and fashion accessories
- promotional items produced  with coated nylon or special P.V.C. sheets for high frequency machines
jewellery boxes and displays

Recently the big range of synthetic leather, mostly ecofriendly qualities as well as easy care items, is enriched with high tech fabrics mainly for contract use. The company having a long experience in the field insists on choosing articles which meet high standard requirements and the suppliers are always serious factories from all over the world , mostly ISO 9001 TUV certified.

Nowadays NEOPLASTIC GAVRIILOGLOU S.A. presents herself well organized, in a modern show-room in MONASTIRAKI ( PSIRRI area ), willing to face the challenge of increasing demands through new procedures. The management and the qualified personnel are trying in common to maintain a trustworthy relationship with the broad range of well known customers by promoting any possible solution to satisfy needs and requirements.